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Monday, May 11, 2009

Corn Starch

Argo Corn Starch: According to the Argo Corn Starch website, this product is Gluten-Free.

According to their website in response to the question:
"Can you use corn starch in place of arrowroot, potato starch or
all-purpose flour when thickening sauces or gravies, preparing puddings, or making pies?"

They replied:

"Corn starch has the same "thickening power" as arrowroot, potato starch and
tapioca, and you should substitute the same amount. Corn starch has twice
the "thickening power" of flour, so it's necessary to use only half as much.
Example: If recipe calls for 1/4 cup of flour, use just 2 tablespoons corn
starch. (Retrieved from the Argo website)."

On the website they provide a conversion table so that if you are used to thickening with wheat flour, you will be able to decide how much corn starch to use instead. They also provide directions on how to use Corn Starch.

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