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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Corn Tortilla Chips, Taco Shells, Tostadas, Gorditas & Sopes

Mission Foods Corn products (i.e., Corn Tortillas, Corn Tortilla Chips, Taco Shells, Tostadas, Corn Gorditas, and Sopes): The following is a copy of a conversation from the Mission Foods website food allergen page. It appears that there is certainly no intentional wheat contamination of their "corn" products. Read this excerpt carefully.

Q: "Are Mission Foods products gluten free?"
"Mission Foods Corn products are produced with 100%
corn flour; wheat ingredients are not added to the formulation. These products include Corn Tortillas, Corn Tortilla Chips, Taco Shells, Tostadas, Corn Gorditas, and Sopes. These products are produced in plants that also process wheat tortillas."

Q: "Is there any wheat, rye, barley, or oats in corn tortillas?"
"No. Mission corn tortillas do not contain wheat, rye, barley, or oat ingredients."

Q: "Are wheat flour tortillas produced in the same lines as corn products?"
"No, our corn production lines are dedicated to corn products only. Wheat Flour tortillas are produced in dedicated lines."

Q: "Is wheat used in any way to make the corn products?"
"There are no wheat ingredients or incidental wheat present in the products or on the lines that produce corn products."

Q: "Is there a potential for cross-contamination of corn products with wheat ingredients?"
"All Mission Foods plants have strict food safety programs in place, including a very comprehensive Allergen Control Program."


  1. Awesome. I like Mission products. Thanks for posting this. I was wondering about the taco shells I just got.

  2. Great information but I have found that mission tortillas contain trans fat (partially hydrogenated oils).