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Friday, May 8, 2009


Mahatma Rice: Their products are advertised by the manufacturer to be Gluten-Free. This includes:

  • Long grain rice,
  • Brown Rice,
  • Instant White Rice,
  • Jasmine,
  • Valencia (Short Grain),
  • Spanish Rice Mix,
  • Broccoli Rice and Cheese Mix,
  • Long Grain and Wild Rice Mix,
  • Nacho Cheese Rice Mix,
  • Saffron Yellow Rice Mix

Minute Rice: This company was kind enough to send me an email with a link to their "Allergen" web page, which states that the following items under their brand name are Gluten-Free:

  • White Rice
  • Brown Rice
  • Boil-in-Bag Rice
  • Premium White Rice
  • Ready to Serve Brown Rice
  • Ready to Serve White Rice
  • Ready to Serve Chicken Rice Mix
  • Ready to Serve Yellow Rice Mix
  • Ready to Serve Brown & Wild Rice

S & W Rice: Both their White Rice and Natural Brown Rice are reported to be Gluten-Free on their Website.

* There are other brands that have some Gluten-Free rice mixtures including Uncle Ben's and S&W Rice.

For further information about rice and being Gluten-Free you might read the article: Is rice really Gluten-Free?

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